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What do 1953, 1981, and 2007 have in common?

These were the years of great inventions like the WD-40, the McRib, and the Christina Aguilera fragrance. But it was also the years of the major tech revolutions of our time, introducing the mainframe, the IBM personal computer, and the iPhone, changing how we work, learn, play, and read job descriptions.

Today, we’re on the brink of the next big revolution in tech, the next generation of computing and its assimilation into our physical world. 

We're building the gateway, join us.





  • Architect scalable software solutions in ASOP and kernel.

  • Profiling and optimizing AOSP and kernel code.

  • Coach and mentor software engineers, programmers, and other team members 


Required knowledge, skills, and experience

  • Strong knowledge of AOSP architecture.

  • Strong C/C++ skills.

  • Ability to architect scalable software solutions and to write clean code.

  • Deep understanding of the software development process.

  • Deep understanding of low-power embedded processing - an advantage.

  • Experience with code optimization - an advantage.


Minimum qualifications

  • Senior Embedded SW Engineer - 7 years of (post-graduation) experience - a must

  • 3+ years of experience with developing in at least two AOSP layers - a must

  • Developing experience in Linux kernel - a big advantage

  • BSc in a technical field such as computer science, computer engineering, or equivalent Military experience.

*  Haifa, Israel, Hybrid - Full-time 

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